Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

Henning Baer is set to follow artists such as Psyk and GoldFFinch on Fuse Music to present his brand new EP, titled 32-Bit.

Recently, Baer has constructed and refined a production style that has manifested in essential releases on Sonic Groove, K209, Nonplus Records, as well as his own MANHIGH label. These works have placed him in fine artistic form as he presents yet another four-tracker aimed at the dancefloor.

The EP opens up with the edgy atmosphere of title track 32-Bit, where submerged undulating melodies underpin ripples of synth. These almost dub-like synth stabs echo out into a cavernous space, creating a sense of darkness that carries out throughout the EP. 

Interestingly, the second track Millions Behind contrasts the subdued and muted drums on 32-Bit and strides forth on a bold set of blown-out percussion that courses through icy pads. Keeping it simple and effective, Baer maximises the impact of this pairing with a fantastic kink in the groove to keep listeners on their toes. 

On the B-side, Protect opens things up with a tighly wound techno refrain, the pulse of the kick drum subtly breaking through the flurries of claps, rim shots, and cymbal crashes. The polyrhythmic cycle within Protect provides another interesting notion to Baer’s EP, as the entire effort seems to have no beginning and simultaneously, no end. 

Closing out the EP is Coarse, which provides an incredible insight into Baer’s artistic talents with a murky and gritty texture in an ambient showcase. Creating an unsettling industrial exercise with the closing track of the EP perfectly links back to the beginning of the record, and displays the coherence of Baer’s release fantastically. 

32-Bit is available on the 6th of July in both digital and physical formats, you can preorder from the links above.

Listen to the title track below via the Soundcloud player.