Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

Following an impressive 12″ on DJ Koze’s Pampa at the end of 2016, Mike Dehnert returns to his own Fachwerk label for a full-length LP to celebrate the imprint’s 10th anniversary. Across 11 tracks, Dehnert explores new territory with a restrained and subtle sound while retaining his commanding and dominant tone within deep club music. 

Intro sets the tone of the album with a profusion of tidal tones and textures that soak the listener in sound. It’s not long however until the familiar percussive stabs and pensive drums that characterise Dehnert come into play on Between No Words. As well as this, this track features the subtles but remarkable vocals of Albert Vogt, who returns later on in the LP. Between No Words is a standout on the LP as it provides an insight and reminder into Dehnert’s skill for composing complex and emotional music with very few elements – an aspect of the full length that is more and more evident as it continues. 

From here Dehnert journeys through dubbed out techno, deep house, and downtempo, all with an experimental playfulness and lightness of touch that only he would know. The album peaks again with the thumping Providing Home 2. Swirling, unpredictable arpeggios dance around hard hitting drums and a vocal hook, igniting a sense of ecstasy through listeners and dancefloors alike. 

Dehnert experiments again with the beatless Starground – a ringing and pulsing synth ambient piece, highlighted by a symphony of clangs and modular bleeps, perfectly setting the scene for the album’s final epic, Laxwax. Aimed squarely at the club, Laxwax is insular, hypnotic and raw, keeping heads nodding all the way into the final cut: Outro. 

Outro is a surprisingly heavy and pounding finish to a fairly atmospheric full length, with rave inspired synths and heavily swung percussion chugging the LP to its definitive close. 

The record takes elements of modern pop music and expands on them in ways that are difficult to conceptualise on one’s own and with a patience that is rarely found within the genre itself. Dehnert’s own experience producing A-grade club tracks has resulted in an album that’s simultaneously poppy and experimental, yet fundamentally rooted in techno.

Providing Home is set for release on June 19th in digital format, as well as a 2×12″ pack. Listen to Up, a cut from the album, below.