Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

Phase Fatale is known to create techno from disparate subcultures of dead industrial with a post-punk spirit, bringing back an immediacy and aggressive energy which is desparately needed in the conctemporary electronic landscape. The debut full length from Phase Fatale, titled Redeemer, deepens his exploration of the tension he previously began on his EPs released over the last three years.

Notably within the album, Fatale is able to reconcile and integrate his underground character into a precise story on the dancefloor, through subtle guitars, vocals and deliberate percussion. While maintaining a cold energy that isn’t begot with nostalgia, he edits and extracts the essence of his influences into an unapologetic future. 

Opening with Spoken Ashes, Fatale demonstrates his unique ability to build tension as previously seen, cultivating a sound that vacillitates between fragile tranquility and unsettling claustrophobia. This notion of tension is consistent throughout the full length, seen through the counterabalancing of drums against the layers of melodies that hang slightly above the frantic rhythm and grainy pulse of electronics. 

The tracks within the album are controlled, succicnt and tightly wound, providing a relentlessly kinetic journey from beginning to end. Rarely extending beyond the five minute mark, each effort are compositionally sculpted simultaneously for physical impact and functional decay. Described by Fatale as a deeply “personal piece”, this concept is obviously clear throughout its duration. Fatale raises a palpable question tracing the circumference somewhere between the ideas of despair and liberation simultaneously. 

Redeemer is due for release this year on October 13th, via Hospital Productions, on vinyl, CD and digital formats. Listen to a cut from the album, Spoken Ashes, via Phase Fatale’s Soundcloud player.