A leading independent Melbourne based techno promoter, events and touring company.

Jake McDonald’s love affair with electronic music began in the back room of The Liberty Social, where he found his place among other like-minded artists and revellers. Many years have passed and he is now devoted to exhibiting some of the best techno that Melbourne has to offer alongside Adrian Bell and Andy Muscat through Bunker. Needless to say, it’s a position that he is definitely deserving of, driving forward on the full support of the techno community.

During his travels in Europe, he experienced the relentless throttle that Francois X, Marcel Dettmann, Phase and Len Faki delivered in Berlin. It is experiences such as these that give Jake’s sets its depth and edge, laden with a heavy bass and even darker licks. Outside of electronic music, he sights a number of different genres that informs his sets. Borrowing from hip-hop, trip hop and of course the “golden oldies” Jake’s sets are a dynamic variation of brooding techno and house with more fluidity and zeal.

It is due to the pure and intense passion that Jake McDonald has for techno that has partygoers drinking straight from his hands.