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Our second chart for the year comes courtesy of Backroom Reality, a young up and coming producer and DJ from Melbourne with releases on Machine Label, Equal Dose Picche Records as well as a forthcoming release on Green Fetish Records, he is definitely one to keep an eye on.

1. Radial – Smoking Kills (Original Mix)
Because… who doesn’t love some radial. his productions are mind boggling. 

2. Marcel Fengler – Trespass (Aubrey Remix) 
Aubrey is accomplishing some massive remixes lately, his productions are at the top of my play lists for sets.

3. DJ Sodeyama – Underwater (Original Mix)
The reverbed melody hits do this track a huge amount of justice.

4. Pfirter – Fractales (Original Mix)
Can’t wait to catch him in June at Billion Underground. Influential to say the least.


5. Bruno Ledesma – Detachment (Andie Klaer Remix)
Andie is a new addition to my tune collection, have been grabbing a lot of his stuff lately. The filtered reverb hits are my ear candy.


6. Eugene – Fallen Trees (Steinmuller Remix) 
Bit of a combo here. Steinmuller remixing Eugene. Both great artists. This track is broken beat bliss. Amazing atmospherics

7. Plankton & M.A.D.A.- Rider (Original Mix)
These guys together are unstoppable. Their productions to me are always timeless. Amazing percussive elements.


8. Leghau, Coeter One – Periodic (Coeter One Remix) 
Coeter One is a heavy hitter. Solid bottom end in his tunes.


9. Viktoria Rebeka – Pankow (Positive Merge Remix)
Those chord stabs are so good! Great breakdown in this track.

10. Oribital Mechanics – Transfer (Original Mix)
A great fit to any techno set in my opinion… you should force yourselves to find space for it anyway!