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What an incredible 365 days of techno it has been for us – We cannot thank you all enough for your support! 

From our beginnings at The Liberty Social, to New Guernica, Club of Legends!, Xhin, TRNSMT and our Open Air series we have certainly been very busy and with lots more planned, that is not about to change!

Join us to celebrate the year that was and the year ahead at Bunkers 1st Birthday. For this, we will be joined by Dean Benson (Stable) who will be playing an extended 3 hour set which is bound to have heads up asses the entire time.

Joining Dean will be our Bunker residents (Adrian Bell, ACM, D-REX, Jeremy Graham, Jake McDonald) and guests Shedbug & Devant doing what they want, playing back to back until breakfast is well and truly served at 7am!