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For our next instalment at Boney we will be joined by Craig McWhinney! Since starting out back in 2002 Craig has risen to become a true power house in Melbourne’s techno scene. As an artist, DJ & producer he has enjoyed a string of releases on his own label HAUL Music, which he Co-Founded in 2008 with friends Mike Callander & Christian Vance and since then has gone on to release EP’s & remixes on heavy weight international labels such as Electric Deluxe, Steadfast Records, Sub Squared and Machine under his Vohkinne moniker.

Today, Craig is using his wealth of experience to focus on his own label Atrophic Society. With AS003 to be released shortly the label has already featured names such as Ben Sims, Brendon Moeller & Tripeo, massive! Craig crosses the boundaries of techno and house with precision and intent, creating dance floor focussed music that speaks to both mind and feet.

In support he will be joined by Stevie Nox (Green Fetish Records) vs Handsdown (Euphorie Bezirk) whose no nonsense pounders will be helping us bring the sun up in the early morning, returning guests and 8 channel techno duo Wingman, One4SevenOne label chief Batton, young whippersnapper Kempken and Bunker residents Adrian Bell and D-REX – who will be showcasing his new hybrid Live/DJ set.