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Ansome finds himself well-poised. A relatively new name in UK techno, he’s beginning to see the fruits of a couple years of hard work spent running two labels: Discos Dead from 2013 until 2014 and now South London Analogue Material (S.L.A.M.), a platform for both his own releases and those of like-minded producers. We sat down with Ansome ahead of his debut tour of Australia & New Zealand to talk about a range of topics from Hungry Jacks to Australian biker meth. Enjoy.

What have you been up to lately Kieran?

A bunch of shit, I had 3 hungry jacks breakfasts at Melbourne Airport and it was glorious

You’ve mentioned before in an interview that you prefer releases to have some more experimental, noise-type tracks on it because you find it interesting. Do you think you will release some of your own in the future?

Yeah, I put out a few already but it’s defiantly something I want to work on, it’s hard sometimes though as every time I  start something like that I can’t help putting a kick drum in it there then before I know it, it turns into a dance floor slice.

When you first started getting into techno and industrial, was there anyone from the London or UK scene that inspired you specifically? How?

Myler is the man. Perc, Clouds and Blawan also inspired me a lot, but the “industrial” sounds have less to do with that. At university, I studied noise music and futurism took some shit from that world and added a kick drum

Do you feel there are specific clubs or cities where you can push the boundary between techno and noise more so than usual? What makes you realise that when you start a set?

I’m touring a lot at the moment so it’s easier to get to know what country’s / areas are like. But saying that I play live, so what I play is my sound and my music, if I have been booked I hope that people know what I do and that’s what they’re going to get.

What drew you to the ‘one-press-only’ policy with your S.L.A.M. label?

We hand screen printed the first two releases. Fuck doing that again

What have been some of your favourite records released this year so far? Why?

Ayacarna, Keepsakes, Sawf, Perc, Endlec, UVB, Myler, Clouds and Mannie Dee have made some decent shit. Why? It sounds good I guess.

In terms of your interest to dubstep earlier in your career, do you think that side of you will ever be revived in forthcoming years? Or is it completely gone?

I don’t think it was ever really there, I just loved the energy and find the same energy paralleled in the harder side of techno apart from the music isn’t so shit, I think this is where I will stay

I read in one of your earlier interviews that S.L.A.M. was a pain in the ass due to the workload and your own busy career. I’m curious if it has improved since then, or is it still a bit of a nightmare?

Yeah pressing a record is a kick in the nuts with constant delays. But I got Ossian on board now and he’s helping to swallow the load.

What can we expect from you or S.L.A.M. this year? Any more EP releases? Big shows coming up?

Lots of Schiesser, Ossian Myler, Gaja, Keepsakes, myself and a few more naughty ones 😉

What are you most excited about for your debut tour to Australia, and specifically, Bunker’s party in Melbourne?

Always wanted to try biker meth

Catch Ansome this weekend at the following parties:

Friday 19th May – Melbourne
Saturday 20th May – Sydney