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Grindvik & Pfirter

Following on from the well-received ‘El Fortin’ EP on Leyla records earlier this year, Pfirter & Grindvik return with their second collaborative record. ‘Mover / Neu’ takes a more stripped back trip exploring than it’s predecessor, invoking some classic mid-90s techno metrics whilst adding to the canon of storied techno grooves. Through these tracks, Pfirter & Grindvik seek to tell a story of a night that they see remaining a legend of Buenos Aires clubbing. 

We were able to speak with the two esteemed artists regarding the origins of this EP, and what has led to the continuation of their partnership…

We’ve gathered that this EP spawned from what was quite the special night the two of you had in the streets of Buenos Aires – what can you tell us about this night that so inspired you to dedicate an EP to it? Did you happen to hear any techno on the night itself?

Grindvik – “Well, I think I have the guts to say that that night was probably a pretty memorable one for everyone attending, we had so much fun and so many strange and funny things happened.”

Pfirter – “We played for something like 14 hours until someone from the dancefloor stole our traktor records from the spinning plate and took off! Otherwise we would probably still be playing today. In the end they located the thief and got us back for another round the night after.”

Grindvik – “But they forgot to tell everyone that it would happen so night two turned it to a private party for the owners, crew and us.”

Your previous collaboration came out at the end of January this year (also referencing ‘El Fortin’) and already you’re back with another release. How did you guys come to begin working together; and what makes yours such a strong producing partnership?

Pfirter – “Par and I have been working together for many years in one way or another and we actually did record quite a bit a decade ago. However, most of those sessions turned into more laughting than recording.”

Grindvik – “I guess we needed to reach a point where we could be more serious and have a dedication to actually finishing something up and that’s just the mode we’re both in at the moment and it’s good fun! Our new releases are recently written but contain material that stretches over a decade or even more.”

Pfirter – “For example, we released a track last year on MindTrip (‘Leave One’) that one was written many years ago but didn’t feel like the right record for 2009 to us as it did 10 years later.”

This preceding EP collaboration was a 4-track release, the majority of which contains music that’s not as stripped back as this upcoming one – ‘Speed’ in particular on that release is an intensely frenetic number to say the least. Was there a particular motive behind the change in production styles for ‘Mover/NEU’?

Pfirter – “At the beginning of a new project we’re trying to set some kind of direction or objective. For the Leyla EP we had an aim for peak time vibes and with this one for Stockholm LTD we felt like doing something warmer and loopy..”

Grindvik – “Maybe a wee bit of Broom’s Pure Plastic or Slater, that’s at least the inspiration that we feelt. But at the same time most of the vibe is happening in process, you suddenly just know in what direction you’re heading and get excited.”

The aforementioned EP was released on Leyla Records, however this upcoming EP is going to be coming out on Grindvik’s own Stockholm LTD label – is there a reason this second collaboration has come out on your own label Pär?

Grindvik: “At some point while we were working on these tracks I just felt that they had the vibe of my label, Sthlm tend to have a knee in warmer sounds. It can be hard or deeper or whatever but still there’s some kind of mello vibe over the label that I think these tracks have. I’m super excited that I get to sign these and they are definitely showing some kind of direction the label is heading.”

Pfirter – “Yeah there’s more coming and we can’t wait to wrap up some for MindTrip too!”

The EP in it’s entirety is now available.