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Invite has had a love affair with techno lasting for almost two decades. As one of Holland’s few true household names in techno, Invite is a perfectionist; whether it’s opening deep and warm, closing rough and edgy, a small crowd or large setting, Invite treats every gig with the same amount of diligence and respect.

His career has taken him to numerous events and festivals including Awakenings and Time Warp and venues like Tresor, Trouw, About Blank, Paradiso and Doornroosje, on multiple occasions alongside the likes of Surgeon, Dave Clarke, Ben Sims and Jeff Mills. He’s reach doesn’t stop at the border; Invite has played all over Europe and beyond including Germany, England, Croatia, Scotland, Georgia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria, Estonia, France, Belgium, South-Korea and Russia. 

In early 2011, he launched his own podcast series dubbed Invite’s Choice. Aiming to provide international techno artists a platform to think outside of the box and record without musical limitations, it has quickly become a popular weekly podcast on the soundwave.

Invite’s podcast for Bunker

B. Hi Tim, where abouts are you at the moment?

I’m working on lots of things at the moment. Finally, after a difficult period over the last six months. I had a lot of stress and couldn’t focus when I was in the studio. 
I’ve finally made a start on new music for several labels. 

Early September I started the Sound Education, in my hometown Utrecht. It was a bit strange to go back to school after 18 years, but I really like it so far. 

I’ve just started selecting music for my 12 hour set on 5 November. It will be a great challenge to play for so long.

Since a few weeks ago, I am managing my own bookings again. It’s a lot of fun to be honest. Promoters can contact me directly instead of sending a message to an agent. 

B. You just announced the release of your next solo EP for November this year, can you give us any hints of what you’ve been working on?

It was a difficult process. Most of the time I wasn’t satisfied with the music I made. Unfortunately, it took me a lot of time. The mixing process was a bit of a hell. It’s not my favourite part of making music ;-)

Regarding the EP, I can say it’s a four track EP, including one ambient/outro track. 
I’ve never released a track like that, but it was always on my list to release. 
On the A-side you will find two dancefloor tracks. On the B-side you will find an easy going tool track. Great to use on the third deck. 

B. Despite running Invite’s Choice since 2011, you have only released your first two EPs last year – and only a few months apart. Why did you decide to wait so long for you first solo release?

Because I’m never satisfied with my own music. On one hand I think my tracks are not good enough to release and on the other hand I’m insecure about my music. You could say I’m a perfectionist.


B. You discovered electronic music when you were 8 years-old via a brother from a friend. Do you remember what artists you were listening to and what first drew you into producing techno yourself?

I can’t remember the names of the artists I listened to at that age. However, since 1995, I can remember names like Luke Slater aka Planetary Assault Systems, Surgeon, Steve Rachmad, The Advent, Damon Wild, Steve Stoll and Steve Bicknell. Even today they are still big inspirations to me.

At one point I visited a friend’s studio and I remember seeing all the machines, knobs, cables etc. I thought this is something I could like for a long time, not for just for one month. 

B. Especially during the 90s, the Netherlands was known more for its gabber scene rather its techno scene. Were there any techno artists from the Netherlands that inspired you to start producing?

Without a doubt Steve Rachmad. He is my biggest influence!

B. Last month you posted an after movie of Time Warp on Facebook, which you had the pleasure of playing at in your hometown of Utrecht in 2012. That must’ve brought back a lot of awesome memories! What do you think makes electronic music in Utrecht, and more broadly Netherlands, special?

I was not born in Utrecht but in Breda, which is a city in the South of The Netherlands. I’ve lived in Utrecht since the age of five.

Time Warp was an amazing gig. A huge honour to play there and I will never forget it!
The fact that makes The Netherlands special is that we’ve always had a very healthy dance culture. There is so much to do. It’s in our blood!

The last couple of years there’s been an overkill with too many festivals. 
It looks like everybody wants to organise a festival or think they can. 

B. Moving to your podcast series Invite’s Choice; right now it’s sitting on over 400 podcasts and has featured the cream of the crop in terms of big and up and coming techno artists like DVS1, Rødhåd, Ben Sims, Marcel Fengler, Slam, Jonas Kopp, Wrong Assessment, and Edit Select. How do you keep finding new artists to feature? What websites/labels/podcasts do you look to?

It’s a bit simple. I keep an eye on new releases and try to find a balance between well known and unknown names and everything in between. 
This has always be the key of the series and one of the reasons why I wanted to start a podcast series.

B. Last year, you launched your record label Invite’s Choice Records, and you’re already managed to secure Shlømo, Zadig, Jeroen Search for the first five releases. Who are some of the artists you’d love to work with on Invite’s Choice that you haven’t worked with before?

Steve Bicknell, Drafted, Border One, Nima Khak, Eric Fetcher, Birth of Frequency, Pascual to name a few.

If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Tracy Chapman – Fast Car. 
It reminds me of the dark times I had in my life a few years ago and the years I lost many friends. It was always one of the songs which got played at funerals.

Finally, you haven’t made your way down to Australia for a tour yet; do you think it’s a possibility in the next few years?

I would love to come over for a tour in the forthcoming years, can’t wait to be honest.
 Of course, this really depends on how I build up my profile in terms of releasing on quality and respected record labels. 

Quick fire

1. What track of yours are you most proud of?  Higgs

2. What was the first vinyl/CD/tape that you bought? Surgeon – Pet 2000

3. What was the name of the venue where you had your first gig? 
De Vloer, Utrecht

4. What was the first piece of equipment you bought? Turntables

5. What’s the longest set you’ve played? 12 hours