Techno Music Melbourne

P.E.A.R.L. is a Spanish-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer with heavy influences from early UK sounds. His success is seen in his 10+ vinyl releases, on revered labels such as Warm Up Recordings, 47 Recordings, and PoleGroup. 

2017 is a pivotal year for P.E.A.R.L., as he plans to release his debut album via his own label ‘Falling Ethics’, titled ‘Temptation through Impatience’. We caught up with him ahead of his debut full-length release to chat about running his label, his hometown inspirations, and his early work with Agony Forces. 

B. Tell me about the Agony Forces project. How did that first start?
The project started around 2005-2006. At that time we were 3 people, each of us with their personal project releasing music. A few years later, we also started playing live shows now as a duo under the name “Agony Forces”.

B. How does your work now differ from Agony Forces? Or do you still gain a lot of inspiration from the group?
Even though the influences are mostly the same as when I started doing music more than 10 years ago, the work is totally different. I feel more comfortable making music alone rather than in group. Now somehow I came back to my roots and from that point, I started to define again my personal sound.

B. What made you start Falling Ethics Records and how has it been in its first 5 years? Any specific highlights?
Falling Ethics represents somehow the beginning, again, of my solo project and the redefinition of my sound. The last 5 years have been very intense, also because just 5 years ago I lived in Berlin. During these years, both personally and professionally it’s when I have achieved some of the goals that you propose yourself at some point in your life.

B. Your music is characterised by heavy percussion and dark melodies, but it also incorporates a lot of euphoric breakdowns. What’s your inspiration behind this?
I guess it’s my way of understanding Techno music and get other types of sensations when you play one of those tracks in a set. I always wanted to get that feeling between euphoric breakdowns and primitive rhythms, as in a ritual.

B. How do you feel Santander has influenced your career up until this point?
Santander has been a very strong source of inspiration. Simple things like the weather, dark and rainy days or for example more complex things like people’s character have a deep influence in yourself and therefore also artistically. Furthermore Santander is located very close to cities like Oviedo or Gijon where there has always been a very strong culture as far as Techno music refers.

B. Your debut album Temptation through Impatience is releasing this year. What can you tell us about it? Is it more club-oriented or is it for home listening?
It has been a long process which has taken me over a year. I have enjoyed it a lot but above all I’ve learned many things that will be of great value in the future. Although It’s a Techno album you will find other nuances within the genre but I would say basically it is an album thought for playing in a club.

B. What were your inspirations behind creating the album? 
The inspiration behind the album is the Medieval book, Ars moriendi or “The Art of Dying”. This book gave some clues about how to die properly, avoiding lack of faith, despair, impatience, avarice or spiritual pride. Spirituality, faith and dualities have been constant themes in my work.


B. Other than the album, what’s next for P.E.A.R.L. in 2017?
This year has started very well. Recently I have joined the PoleGroup family and I am looking forward to see how everything developes. There’re also more exciting releases to come on Falling Ethics and concerning the shows, I’m working on the Live Set around the album.