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Italian producer and DJ, PVS has recently exploded onto the world techno scene since his “Looper” EP release on Gynoid Audio in 2013, it’s raw bassline and cutting percussion truly make it one of the stand out tracks of the year for us. Since then he has been keeping busy releasing  more pepper on M_REC, H.omevvork, Kay Records Vinyl as well as his “Photone” EP also released on Gynoid Audio which boasts remixes from Rraph and Kwartz. Unlike his music, PVS (or Marco as he is known to friends) is super friendly, warm & welcoming, we recently sat down with him for a chat and touched base on Italy’s techno scene, being remixed VS being the remixer, Tresor and much more, enjoy! 

B: Where in the world are you right now and what are you doing? (apart from answering these questions)
I am at home in Italy right now working on a few things 

B: When and where was your first significant exposure to music?
I’ve always listened to music, having very eclectic tastes, even as a child. I’ve listened to techno for around 13 years – my exposure has derived from my family, especially my cousin who was already playing and producing. Curiosity and great advise from my peers did the rest.

B: When did you stop treating producing & DJ’ing as a hobby and start treating it as something which you could live off of?
In truth, nothing has changed. It continues to be a hobby for me (a very difficult one). After a while I noticed that I need to unplug for a bit – to regenerate ideas, desire and motivation day by day. This technique helps clear my mind and give me direction. It is very important.

B: What inspires you as an artist and in general?
There are many artists that I admire, above all Dadub and Planetary Assault System. I also appreciate those who gave birth to all of this – the crew of Detroit.

B: There are a number of quality DJ’s & producers to come out of Italy such as Giorgio Gigli, Claudio PRC and the legendary Donato Dozzy. Is the techno scene in Italy healthy as a result of producing such quality talent?
I think it’s a mix between a sense of revenge, experience and talent. Don’t forget that in the 90’s the Italian techno scene was taking off, (unfortunately it didn’t last long) but it was this era that gave impetus to new and old producers alike.

B: You have been on both sides of the table having been both the remixer and the remixed. Who have been some of your favourite producers to work with and why?
Having always worked with friends, it was nice to everyone. In particular, working with Dadub was a very intense collaboration. Discovering how Daniele and Gio (Daniele Antezza and Giovanni Conti) conceive their music has opened me to new worlds!

B: The Conrad Van Orton remix of Looper is a particular favourite track of ours, can you tell us a little more about it?
Andrea is the best of the new Italian artists, a real talent! I have been in the studio many times with him. It always presents a challenge working with other creative minds.

B: How do you perform? (CD’s, vinyl, live, laptop, etc)
The uncomfortable question! ehehe… with CD player and laptop. It is very unpopular but I think everyone chooses his setup to make the most – it is the choice of music that makes a difference.

B: Back in January you played at the famed Tresor nightclub in Berlin, how was that experience for you?
An explosion of emotions. I grew up with stories about Tresor told to me by Freddy K. Living it on my skin was fantastic!

B: What has been your favourite gig and why?
Tresor ‘cause is….TRESOR!

B: Complete this sentence “I love techno because…”
It is the freedom to experiment, because it is a musical vision constantly focused on the future and then evolving – it’s fantastic!

B: Thanks for spending some time with us, what is coming up for you?
I am currently in works with Unbroken Booking and K1971 are preparing the gig schedule… I hope to talk soon! Thank you, was funny!


You can catch PVS playing at ://about blank (Berlin) – 11/07/14