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As a producer, DJ and label owner of two record labels, Tom Dicicco has been making sure he remains at the forefront of the techno scene since he’s debut release on Baud in 2010. With his Material Things EP featuring a remix of the title-track by none other than Patrick Gräser (Answer Code Request), Tom Dicicco had already started to build up quite a substantial support base. He has since found his tracks released on labels like Stockholm LTD, Other Heights, Jonas Kopp’s Traut Muzik Project Squared, Krill Music and Semantica Records, as well as his own labels Run Out Run and Inner Surface Music.

Over the last 6 years, Tom has been focusing his energy on releasing quality electronic music with a production palette that ranges from the booming dub techno of earlier tracks like “Night Erosion,” dirty sewer sounds of “16 Reels,” and the spooky, tunnelling techno of “We let Go” released on his most recent EP Mad Dealer,‎ on Jordan Czamanski’s Off Minor Recordings. 

With big thing planned for 2016, including his wedding, Bunker chats to Tom about the functions of his two labels, playing at Berghain, and shares his three favourite tracks of the moment.

B. What are you doing at the moment (other than answering these questions)?I’m currently planning my wedding for September and sorting out the paperwork to buy a house. Music wise I’ve been working on a lot of new material, preparing a live set and organising a U.S tour so it’s all systems go this year!

B. Your debut EP featured a remix of Material Things from Answer Code Request and you’ve since remained good friends, how did this relationship come about so early in your career?

I met Patrick in 2008 through Myspace, he sent me a message about a remix I’d made and we got talking. A year later he asked me to remix a track of his and then when the baud release was signed I asked him to do a remix of ‘Material Things’. From that point on we’ve remained close friends and it’s been great to see him come into his own as an artist over the years. We try and catch up in person at least once a year, which usually happens in Berlin but this year he’ll be at the wedding!

B. What influenced you to start Run out Run in 2013?

I started Run Out Run originally as a platform for my own tracks as I had so much finished music sitting on my hardrive that I wanted to get out it seemed like the logical thing to do. 

B. When you first established Run Out Run you stated that you weren’t planning on releasing other artists solo work but have since released material from the likes of D’marc Cantu and others. What changed your mind?

Originally I never had any intentions of releasing other artists on Run Out Run but after I got the first two releases out I started receiving demos and got talking to certain artists and there was music there that was too good to ignore so it made perfect sense to start getting it out there. Not only has it been a privilege to release the music of the artists on the label but also through this I feel like I’ve made some great new friends in the process.

B. When did you start working with AnD?

I started working with AnD after I met Andrew at Eastern Bloc Records while I was studying in Manchester. Andrew introduced me to Dimitri and after some time meeting up, chatting and spending time in the studio we were all on the same page about starting a label so from there we started Inner Surface Music. As we’re all in different cities now it’s not as easy to meet up in person so it’s usually skype these days but we meet up properly when we can!
B. How is the material you release on Run Out Run different to that of Inner Surface Music?
Since it started Inner Surface has leaned more towards the harder side of Techno while Run Out Run has a stronger focus on the deeper side of Techno and House. I feel it’s at a point now where there is a nice balance between the two labels and they both have their own identity. There is music on Inner Surface that wouldn’t fit Run Out Run and vice versa.

B. Do you remember your first gig? What was going through your mind at that point?

My first gig was in the back room of a Hard House night in Leicester when I was 17. I remember absolutely bricking it and there were plenty of train wrecks going on but it was a great feeling after I’d played and although there was about two people in there throughout the night I had a great time and it was a good learning curve for me.

B. What is the craziest party you’ve played at?

Every time I’ve played at Berghain has been crazy but that kind of goes without saying… Another memorable and crazy party was in Italy. It was a beach party in Rome for the Confused guys and for a time there was such a bad storm we wasn’t sure if it was going to happen but eventually the storm passed and the sun came out and it was an incredible party. It went from a handful of people to hundreds in a very short space of time. My family had arranged to come down and see me as they live in Rome and I was about half an hour from finishing my set when I looked up and saw my Auntie dancing at the front, that was a great moment!

B. If you had to suggest one of your tracks to a first time listener what would it be?

The obvious one would be ‘Material Things’ as that’s a good starting point but I’d suggest ‘No Sympathy’ from my EP on The Corner. I feel it’s a good representation of my sound and I’m very proud of that one.

B. What are three tracks you’re listening to at the moment?

Morphosis – Silent Screamer
D’Marc Cantu – Body Jak
Conforce – Dark Days

B. If you had to sum up your production style in three words what would they be?

Moody and emotional

B. What have you got planned for 2016?

I have some gigs in the works, which will be announced soon and I’ll also be heading over to America for a small tour. I’m in the process of setting up a new label with a good friend of mine. I can’t say too much at the moment as it’s still in the planning stages but all will be revealed soon… I’ve been collaborating on some tracks with Endian too, which is going really well, stay tuned!