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Frenchman, perfectionist, and skyrocketing talent – UVB’s rise to fame has been meteoric and hugely influential on the techno scene. 

The Marseilles native first gained notoriety in 2014 when his track Mixtion began appearing in some of the biggest sets and largest gigs across the world. From there, he gained momentum through a number of releases on Mord, as well as his debut full-length, to critical acclaim. 

UVB moved to Berlin in 2012 to further his career, and has never looked back – the extent of which can be seen through his consistent gigs at Berghain, Tresor, and Griessmuhle. We were lucky enough to sit down with him before his debut tour across Australia and New Zealand later this month, to talk all things France, inspirations, and experimentation.

What have you been listening to lately that isn’t electronic music?

[I have been listening to this album a lot] but the majority of things i’ve discovered lately and liked [have been] electronic.

For someone that had such a meteoric rise to prominence, tell me what it was like when your tracks were beginning to be played by people like Marcel Dettmann and Surgeon? Did you ever expect a reaction to your music like this?

It’s ego-flattering for sure but more importantly it meant that I was on the right path music wise. Just pushed me to work harder towards my goals.

You often showcase your experimental side in your EP’s. I feel the French often excel at producing innovative music, such as Brothers from Different Mothers from Lyon. Do you feel a lot of your creative output is driven by your home country? If it isn’t, what does drive it?

I’m not so influenced by my home country because I don’t live there anymore. Inspiration can come from a lot of different aspect of life like people, news, history, experiences .. anything that triggers something in me could be potentially an inspiration.

Why do you think you separated yourself from that Ed Banger sound that was so prevalent in France?

I never participated in that scene; made all my music while living in Berlin and always preferred the diversity of Techno compared to the ‘French Touch’ genre.

Tell me about your creation of Body Theory. Why did you feel the need to create your own label? How has it been so far running it?

I wanted my own personal platform to release the style of electronics I like and that are close to me without having to go through anybody’s taste filter. I take it easy with the schedule and only release when I have stuff I really love, so it’s running smoothly.

How do you feel the move from Marseilles to Berlin affected your career? In what ways specifically?

My career started in Berlin so I can’t really compare. All I can say is that it’s a city offering a lot of opportunities when you’re passionate and hard working enough.

What has been some of the most valuable advice you have learnt throughout your career so far?

Don’t listen to your ego / Don’t follow the money / Challenge yourself

With your debut in Australia and New Zealand coming up soon, it would be difficult to know the crowd reaction to certain types of music. How do you prepare for a set like this?

Well you don’t know until you try ! So I’ll just have a variety of music with me and try different styles until the flow comes.

When you were first producing music under Daxyl with Jean Redondo, did you ever expect to be creating techno under UVB in the near future? How do you feel your music with Daxyl has influenced your sound now?

I didn’t until I felt the need to come back to club music as my main aspiration towards the end of the Daxyl project. Daxyl helped me develop my vision and sensibility to different genres of music, and was really prominent in shaping my taste for the kind of music i’m doing now.

Describe 2017 for you in a sentence.

Intense and beautiful.