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Xhin is without a doubt one of the most unique electronic producers to come through in the last 10 years. A Singaporean by birth and residence his sound is often described as futuristic and innovative. In 2009 Xhin joined the then new Berlin techno label Stroboscopic Artefacts founded by Lucy, this catapulted his career being played on regular rotation by big boys Speedy J, Luke Slater, Ben Klock and many others.

In 2011 Xhin collaborated with Lucy to release “LX2/LX3” on CLR before going on to release his album “Sword” on Stroboscopic Artefacts which would prove to be a defining moment in his career with the album reaching critical acclaim. In 2012 he once again joined Lucy to release “LX4/LX5” before joining Belgian techno label Token to release “The Realm” E.P

This year Xhin returned to release “Dark Tiled Landscapes” on Token, a more industrial E.P it is testament to Xhin’s diversity as a producer. He has also been working hard on a release through Semantica due for release soon.

We caught up with Xhin after the Melbourne leg of his recent Australian tour to discuss musical begins, creative work methods, breaking through, the future and more.

Your music taste appears to be quite eclectic, is this the result of being exposed to music at an early age or has your passion for music lead you down many varied paths?

I’ve being exposed to rock, metal and electronic/disco music at a very young age and then moved onto the others. I’ve learnt about how to appreciate the details of each genre rather than pigeonhole myself to just one.

Your productions have a very distinct “Xhin” sound to them is this a conscious decision when writing music or does it just happen naturally?

Hmm… Well, I would say it just happened naturally.

In 2009 when you joined Stroboscopic Artefacts your profile and popularity seemed to grow overnight, was this a surprise for you? how did you feel about it all?

So unexpected, really. That’s basically how I felt about it.

Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process when writing music?

I normally start off making the desired sound from my synthesizers and then lay down some beats on the machine before jamming through inside Ableton to sketch a rough structure of an ideal track. At times I will just play the piano or guitar for some ideas and stuff instead.

Who or what is your biggest influence musically or otherwise?

Ryuichi Sakamoto has being a very inspirational figure until today. I’ve been listening to stuff from Bedroom Community lately.

Is there a healthy techno scene in Singapore? I’ve heard stories of frequent illegal warehouse parties, do these still run?

I would say it’s getting better. Illegal warehouse parties? I’ve not heard of any…

What has been your most memorable gig to date and why?

Trouw in Amsterdam has always been my favourite place. The club, management, food, the crowd and vibes. Every time is a memorable one.

What has been the longest set you have played?

It was an 8 hour set

Your playing style is quite unique often incorporating many varied genres into your sets which make for a very interesting and engaging listening experience, is this something you consciously do or does it just happen in the moment?

I enjoy listening to all sorts of music and I like to share that with everyone so the only way is to mix it all up.

In most sets you start with an interesting intro, sometimes it’s an ambient track or two, other times it’s a game soundtrack inspired track and so on. Is starting off right important to you?

Definitely. And ending it right, too.

What is next for you? What works do you have coming up in the pipeline?

A new EP for Semantica Records and a couple of remixes coming out by end of the year (hopefully) or next year.

Thanks for your time and thanks for visiting Australia again, I hope to see you back here soon!