Techno Music Melbourne

The second release to come from London-based duo Abstract Man is Pillar, which delves further into a shared love for rhythmic and textured techno and features a remix from French producer Von Grall. Following on from their well-received debut release for themselves and both the label, On the 5th Day, the duo solidify their spot as one of techno’s most exciting new acts.

Taking a leaf out of Northern Electronics’ playbook, Abstract Man pair a typically-Swedish swirling and hypnotic synth line with thumping percussion and a groaning drone on Perception. Pulsing in and out with an almost underwater and low-heavy stab, the track cascades into a jarring blur of stimulus, forcing the listener into its hypnosis. A really excellent and impressive introduction into the duo’s second ever EP. 

From there, the skittering percussion and rattling synthlines make another appearance on Alone, yet are more keenly highlighted with a cinematic and dramatic drone. After the initial breakdown is where this track really shines – bringing forward the highs in the synths and the drums almost feels as if the track has shifted up in tempo. Perfect for the middle of a night. 

A more emotional and introspective tone to close the EP is presented on Synergy, yet the recurring motif of hypnotic synthwork has thankfully not faded away. The contrast of these two tones ensure the release ends with a thoughtful and deliberate close, however it does not affect the energy that the duo has built along the way.

Pillar is set for release on the 21st September via On the 5th Day. It will be available in both physical and digital formats. Preorder the release above.