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Advanced Human & Trinity co-release on Swedish label Counter Pulse

Two of Australia’s most visceral techno talents, Advanced Human and Trinity, co-release The Dish EP. Released on Swedish label Counter Pulse, they bring together their individual skillsets and palettes in a fusion of pounding drums, stunning percussion riffs and hypnotising rhythms. Marking the pair’s first collaboration together, Advanced Human and Trinity have delivered two cuts ready for the dancefloor.

Kicking off with “The Dish,” the pair give us a hypnotic banger with a raw warehouse energy, anchored by a solid 4/4 drums. With Advanced Human’s music career spanning back to the early 90s, he is able to bring his aptitude for pounding, underground techno to the floor and work in with the Trinity’s dynamic, modern production. Mid-way through the track, Advanced Human and Trinity work in a breakdown of these elements, making way for drone-like sounds. As the song picks up momentum again, our focus is brought to a bouncing sequence that sounds like a coil being pulled taut and released. Their second offering, “Splinter,” is a groovy cut that features glimmers of industrial textures with whirling melodies. Moving into different grounds of experimentation, the track’s hollow drums and sashaying hi-hats gives the track a dark and warm aesthetic.

Headless Horseman provides an explosive mix of “The Dish” with powerful, sinister drums and eery elements. Known for creating raw and abrasive techno, the Berlin artist gives the track a proper kick to make it ready for those 4am spins. As one of Headless Horseman’s rare chartings outside of his own label, this remix of “The Dish” is a sample of his ability to create and transform jacking techno. Berlin-based Mary Velo, closes the EP with her take on “Splinter.” Taking the track in a deeper direction, she creates a stripped back version of the original. “Splinter” provides the perfect close to the EP as a slow-burner laced with flowing atmospherics and melodic overtones.

The Dish is out now on Counter Pulse.