Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

After breaking into techno’s big league in 2017, Belgium’s Amelie Lens’ career has been maintaining the same impelling tempo as her music releases – this time with the launch of her own label: LENSKE. Catapulting from her intimate vinyl only studio sets onto the world stage, Lens has maintained an unwavering commitment to techno’s dark acidic grooves.  Never one to miss a beat, Amelie Lens is coming off a big year with big plans for LENSKE.

The idea for LENSKE was born naturally out of Lens sitting down to produce a track with collaborator Sam Farrago. When Kobosil offered to do a remix, the idea of a fresh platform to release her own and friends’ music started to make sense. Aimed at the deeper underground of Amelie’s techno spectrum, LENSKE is also built to expose younger emerging artists. With the second release by Milo Spykers already in the pipes, Lens sees her imprint beginning as a carefully selected vinyl only platform, which will expand into digital releases to ensure affordability for the scene she wants to inspire and support.

LENSKE’s first release by Farrago, Risin’, comes packing high velocity punches, including a collaboration with Amelie Lens and a remix from Kobosil. The EP’s A side is packed near 12 minutes of crisp machine driven techno with Farrago’s rattling peak-time The Riddler being the first to puncture. The title track, Risin, will only be released as the Kobosil remix, a titanium tour of auditory horrors, which also borrows from the EP’s other tracks. Lens’ signature sultry vocal samples on the B side’s Jealousy draw the contours of a jaw grinding banger, while Hidden Power rounds out the release with a blaring dance floor siren encased in exquisitely unpredictable arrangement.

LENSKE’s first release, Risin’ is set for release May 25th in vinyl form. Listen to Jealousy from the release below.