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Paris-based DJ and producer Anetha’s enigmatic label Mama Told Ya is a collaborative venture; pushing artists out of their comfort zone to new heights of experimentation and creativity, yielding progressive results that challenge and intrigue.

The next instalment comes in the form of a kaleidoscopic debut release as a two-vinyl pack from French producer and A/V artist UFO95, titled “Popularity is overrated”. This will be the first double EP on the label, with previous records released as split EP four-tracker collaborations with artists and Anetha herself, including Niki Istrefi, Hadone, ABSL and Sugar.

As well, Anetha collaborates with a different visual artist on each project; Recsoverto takes center stage on the cover for this release, who combines ethereal visuals parodying Japanese video games and hyper-real typography.

The record is beautifully eclectic and has the effortless feel of a live set from a promising new producer. Opener ‘Sun S4lutation’ is a silky melodic affair, diving into a runaway breakbeat with a hypnotic edge crafting an effortlessly colorful trip. ‘2am’ is a tense nosedive into techno’s heady mutations, harnessing a prevailing kick and wormhole synths.

Up next is the masterful collaborative track with Anetha ‘On/Offline’. The track starts with an infectious energy, before vocal inflections and a dreamy hyper-real synth melody blend to hypnotic heights, transporting the listener to a open-air rave. ‘Should I Go’ is heady and bold in its brutal drum work and twisting synths, ‘Enchanted Forest’ is playful and addictive, ‘Rrkja’ starts wild until heavenly synths glow around the edges, and ‘OE’ carries the sentiment of amalgamation with a fierce kick drum and a symphonic chorus. Ending on a rough edged high, closer ‘Volcano’ takes an IDM approach with glitchy drums, weaving synths and groovy vocal inflections.

The release will be available from September 3rd on both Digital and 12″ formats.

You can listen to ‘Enchanted Forest’ below.