Techno Music Melbourne

Bionic Romance is Anetha’s second release on Blocaus Series following 2017’s very successful Leftover Love EP.

Once again, Anetha continues to play to her strengths and delivers four tracks – diverse and rich in the depth, texture and hypnotism of techno deep space explorations.

On the A-Side, Miyuki & Patrizia starts the release as an intricate, atmospheric title track with warm synth lines; ‘Ultra Speed Dating’ features a muscular four-to-the-floor beat and a perpetual stomp to devastating effect perfect for peak-time.

On the B-Side, Silicon Desire takes us in a slightly melancholic direction with its hypnotic pulses. Virtual Ritual closes the EP as no nonsense purified techno with a raw groove. 

Bionic Romance is set for release on the 23rd November and will be available in both 12″ and digital formats. Listen to Miyuki and Patrizia below.