Techno Music Melbourne

Continuing on from a series of successful EPs on Token including last year’s Ostinato, Antigone returns to the label with Rising, his first LP. 

For Rising, Antigone manages to oscillate between great ambient introspections carried by spacey synths and deconstructed rhythms, and elegant techno epics that are suitable for home listening as well as the club.

The title track’s delicate arpeggios meld into strings with stirring cadences, delivering above and beyond the standard intro, as it breaks and continues for a second round with added depth.

Sands of Time stands out with tiny, breathy samples, pitch bent into something ever different from the last. Lost and Found’s granulated percussion sits adjacent to a cinematic sea of strings, while Out There provides a tasteful fragment of the sci-fi reverence many listeners demand of a techno album.

Duality of Mind hints once again at the measured moods of Cantor Dust, his debut Token EP. It Follows alludes to supernatural horror with call-and-response variants on an almost microtonal theme. Infinite Limit’s tension from the offset brings a UK-influenced sound to the record, which continues with the IDM-feeling Dume and the equally glitchy and pulsing Love Field, while the in-between Irreversible is an immersive piece with a piercing high-end, guaranteed to induce a physical sensory response.

Rising is set for release on November 16th in both 2×12″, CD and digital formats. Listen to Dume below, a cut from the album.