Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

Children Of Tomorrow has announced that they will be releasing Arnaud Le Texier’s debut album, titled Granular Therapy. After almost 30 years DJing around the world and almost 20 years producing, Arnaud has finally compiled an album. Spanning different genres and varieties of Techno, including ambient, broken beat, hypnotic, and raw dancefloor-driven styles, whilst pairing them alongside subtle grooves, wondrous atmospheres & sonic textures – Le Texier’s debut is one for the ages.

The A side opens with Dusk, an ambient atmospheric mid-tempo track with ethereal sounds that provide a perfect introduction to the album for listeners. Pattern 2 starts with drones and blip sounds and a broken beat groove following, paired with a pad that sounds like a voice coming from the interstellar realm. Followed by title track Granular Therapy, Le Texier flexes his techno muscles and provides a deep techno track with a modular bass line and melancholic pad. A perfect track to play in, after, or to warm up a party.

The B Side is more dedicated to the dance floor with Black Nympheas that is a no-nonsense effort with a grinding bass line and looming drones. A simple beat evolves the track in a natural manner. Blade Pass Frequency is classic dancefloor techno with a 909 kick, syncopated acid bassline, and an interdimensional pad – a powerful track, yet with a nuanced sense of deepness and sensibility. The side closes with Binary Sun Dawn, an ambient track with a melody that somehow combines jazzy tones with dark atmospheres, sonic drones and water drops.

The C side opens with Mono Driver, a minimal track with a simple synth melody and deep, dancefloor rhythms. Snapper is a more percussive track with shining bells and a grinding modular bass line. Finally, Virgo Consortium closes out the C side with a cosmic broken beat and a dark atmospheric drone, alongside simple bass and phasing fx. 

The final side of the record starts with Midi Overdub – an interesting and dynamic mix between ambient and broken beat. The pad has the deepness that transports you somewhere else with an angel choir on top. The beat is spatial and groovy, with interestingly structured high hats. Hideous Engine returns to the album to the dancefloor realm with a metallic bass line and 4/4 beat, drawing in a cinematic pad that closes the track. The closing effort of the album, Dawn, is an ambient production with drones and modular bleeps paired with a modulated acid bass line, an almost amalgamation of all sounds heard throughout the album and a perfect end to the debut. 

Granular Therapy is set for release on September 15th via Children of Tomorrow. Listen to snippets from the album below.