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Temudo – aka Portugal’s João Rodrigues – debuts on Klockworks with a powerful four-tracker that oscillates between dancefloor-oriented tracks and a journey within his ‘inner self’.

As both a DJ and producer, Temudo stands out in the emerging Portuguese scene for his contemporary approach to techno, combining precision of sound with modern methodology while ensuring to remain faithful to the soul of the genre. One of the minds behind the well-known Hayes Collective, his sounds are organic, dynamic, and precise. After leaving his signature on labels such as Soma, Clergy and Mord, he now makes his landmark debut on Ben Klock’s Klockworks.

The 4-track EP promises a high-quality degree of groove and power.
‘2023’ and ‘Group Dynamics’ present muscley techno cuts designed to be perfect dancefloor tools, while ‘Float here forever’ and ‘Ashamed’ are a trip down memory lane, where Temudo is trying to convey a certain mood through a minimal, commanding techno sound laced with a sophisticated melancholic aura.

Take a listen below to ‘Group Dynamics’ – a gritty, groove-filled number that transports the listener to the fondest memories of techno nightlife. 

The EP is out on February 19th on both 12″ and Digital formats.