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Benjamin Mull to release a two-track EP on H-Productions, featuring a remix by Cari Lekebusch

Hybrid Productions Sound Architecture presents Jaakiekkotuomari (HPX111) by Benjamin Mull, which includes a remix by Cari Lekebusch. The title of the EP translates to ‘hockey referee’, the uniformal colours of which are seen on the cover.

Benjamin is purveying the essence of the Hybrid sound picture with a stripped down, no nonsense approach – aiming for the hard to please DJs in search of that authentic techno sound. 

Of the three-song compilation, the standout is arguably the opening song ‘Jaakiekko’. It’s a driving techno track that will please those who love crisp, unadultered techno. With a thumping bassline that is patiently built upon with a series of intricately selected samples, it’s a track destined to find it’s way into numerous DJ sets.