Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

Blawan, the Berlin-based, British native, has announced a brand new double EP on his own Ternesc imprint. This will be the fourth release from the young label, which was launched in 2015 to focus on Blawan’s solo material. 

The techno producer’s pure craftsmanship and nuanced technique have arned him affilliations with some of the longes-running and most successful organisations that deal with forward-thinking electronic music. The extent of which is seen through his releases on R&S and a spot on the roster of Clone’s Basement Series.

This double EP will undoubtedly do the same for the Brit’s career. 

Audiences will be immediately struck by its continuity with other highlights in the Blawan catalog, but should still be prepared for surprises. The opening track Mayhem seems to be driven by mischievous loops of scraped and bent mental coalescing into semi-melodies on top of a surging subterranean beat. 

This enthusiastic ‘basement laboratory’ sound carries over easily into the grainy and nocturnal construction titled Trampfelpad, whose subtle changes in timbre and grit make it feel like the sounds themselves are fermenting during the listening sessions. It takes a very special skill to be able to make sounds feel organic and alive like Blawan has done so on Trampfelpad.

From there, Fawner takes a more aggressive turn, with primordial ‘deep sea’ sonorities, coded signals, and wildly careening sequences providing an ideal soundtrack for club explorers. 

The C-side brings us 993, a consistent 4/4 beat with a gravitational pull that tries its hardest to keep a restless and disobedient bassline from flying off into the dark abyss. The momentum gained from this track spills out to create a churning and floor-shaking twin, titled Atlas, which is every bit as muscular as the name might hint at.

The finale Calcium Red is where Blawan really shines the brightest on this double EP. The Brit solders together motifs from all of the previous tracks to make a formidable monument of pumping kick drum, chill-inducing bassline and a mantric, nightmareish vocal sample, all the while providing layers of distortion, delay, and reverb to crumple up the mix. The kick in this track is other-worldly, driving home an outstanding double EP to an energetic finish.

Blawan’s Nutrition double EP is available from October 2nd in digital and 2×12″ form. Listen to snippets from the EP below via his Soundcloud.