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After kicking off the year with Body Reflections pt.1 on Tresor, Berlin-based, Bournemouth-born Ben Thomas aka BNJMN is back with new label Tiercel. As an outlet for floor focused tracks he kicks off the imprint with “Paean” – 2 slabs of atmospheric, hypnotic, sci-fi Techno plus an ambient excursion in true otherworldly BNJMN fashion.

The A1 track “Mass Conductor” solidifies BNJMN as a producer who can take the mood in any direction, creating layer upon layer of dense sonics which build to a pulverising climax. “The Greater Void” is a jarring beatless soundscape which takes you to the edge of the earth and finally the title track “Paean” is a song of worship – smooth yet hard, manic yet playful; taking you on a journey of paradoxes and sonic mysteries.