Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

The tenth instalment of Clergy sees host to the second collaborative project between lifelong friends Jorden Hodgetts and Sam Coates (Cleric and Setaoc Mass) split over two discs, titled Isolate.

The first disc presents three driving rhythmic orientated tools, Odyssey, Isolation and Centre of the Cyclone, which are sculpted flawlessly for the dance-floor. Audiences will notice the continuous theme surrounding the release; the exploration of escapism is perfectly introduced by a foreboding message courtery of John C. Lily, “Be in the present”.

The second disc progresses as a means to go on, with the sonic emphasis moving more towards tone and melody. The sweeping pads of Madame Butterfly, and the sinister strings of ‘subconscious life’ give the songs a feeling of satisfying unease, while the electro-twinged melody of 188 evokes powerful emotions from start to finish. 

Last on the EP is Exploration X, a bleepy, ambient voyage, which rounds off the record beautifully – a fitting end to another impressive collaboration between the two friends. Isolate will also end the second series of releases on Clergy, starting a new look and the addition of a new photographer for the next series.

Isolate is set for release on January 26th 2018, and will be available digitally, as well as a 2×12″ package. Listen to a cut from the EP below, titled Madame Butterfly.