Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

Belarusian native Cliche Morph is the next artist in line to release on Edit Select’s revered label, with an EP titled Imagination.

In typical Edit Select fashion, the EP follows a consistently hypnotic and loop-based tack. Beginning with title track Imagination, Cliche Morph surrounds burrowed and muffled kick drums with twinkling and scattered hats, clearing the track up to make way for dramatic mids in the form of drones and modular bleeps. 

From there, the Belarusian presents a typically European techno effort on Accusation, with a rolling bassline and periodic stabs of high-end drone. Amidst the heaviness, Cliche Morph litters the track with delayed hats and claps, allowing the listener a break from the low-ends and creating a nicely balanced production. 

Finally, Despoliation makes its way into the early hours of the morning. From what had become a motif throughout the EP, Cliche Morph again incorporates some really finely crafted drones to create an extremely paranoid and eerie atmosphere. An atmosphere that is particularly emphasised through the insect-like hats and percussion. A fitting and poignant close to a very impressive release from the Belarusian. 

Imagination is available now in digital form via Edit Select’s Bandcamp. Listen to snippets from the EP below.