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The newest release on Kalter Ende’s Concerns Music label is the intriguingly titled ‘Mythology’ EP, which comes courtesy of Spanish artists Cyklos & Korben Nice. Released on February 10, it features some excellent remixes from the likes of VSK, Setaoc Mass & Kalter Ende himself. The product of over a year’s dedicated work, the combination of these artists’ contributions has resulted in a well-rounded and varying EP. 

Different themes are present throughout, though each holds a common link with an orientation to a club atmosphere. With each track capable of being placed in the most intricate of DJ sets, we are able to gain some insight into the sonic expressions of these artists.

Of particular note is Setaoc Mass’ remix of Korben Nice’s ‘Licantropo’. The Mancunian wastes little time by starting off the track with a thumping kickdrum, overlaid with a stimulating collection of hi-hats and claps, before building into a driving drop sequence that would be sure to energise any dancefloor.