Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

After the acclaim of Time Traveler’s I’m Made of Stars LP last year, followed by two successful EPs onhis Chronicles Diary imprint, Michele Pinna brings his Time Traveler moniker back with Remix Report II + Chapter IX EP, featuring powerful remixes by three key names in European and US techno.

The EP opens with the veteran visionary Dave Clarke, who delivers a complex industrial version of Interstellar – made of deeply distorted tones and punk influences.

Detroit Techno Militia take over with the next track with their reinterpretation of B-29, where a groovy and energetic atmosphere is set from the start, adding a vigorous touch to the track. 

Brian Sanhaji’s raw techno roots are showcased in Alpha, with pulsing and dense beats yet precise cuts, turning the track into serious dancefloor material.

Time Traveler himself closes the EP with hammering beats and distorted riffs across three menacing tracks – all the while keeping in line with his dystopian sci-fi vision.

Remix Report II+ Chapter IX is set for release on January 12th, and will be available in physical and digital forms. Listen to Intro (Time Traveler Heavy Metal Mix) via the Soundcloud player below.