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David Bowman delivers Adaptogen’s third release

Born out of the exploration of live jams, David Bowman shares his EP The Grid; a release that is not only emotionally rich but technically well crafted. Released via a relatively new label Adaptogen, this collection shows off his deft for creating immersive techno. 

Hailing from the Gold Coast, Adaptogen has sourced artists from beyond its sunny coastline, delving head first into the waters of visceral techno. Opening with the EPs eponymous track, David begins heavy; working a thunderous bass line and hissing hi-hat, he incorporates a sharp clap that reverbs until drifting off into oblivion. The UK artist takes a live approach to producing music, discovering new patterns that gel well together on the fly – something that you can hear throughout this track. 

Vinny Xavier’s mix has an addition bite on the original with the dance-floor in mind. With a relentless pounding and rev-like sequence that coils, Vinny Xavier takes “The Grid” down a completely different avenue. Likewise, AJWN’s Unmeshed mix, integrates a diverse palate of sounds and textures to go a little deeper, and features the constant polymorphic tumbling of the original elements in the background. Emerging as a sophisticated piece that twinkles of late night electronica motifs, David returns to round out the EP with “Traces.”

The Grid is out now on Adaptogen.