Techno Music Melbourne

Darko Esser’s Balans imprint returns with one of the most promising projects emerging from the electronic scene of Tel Aviv, Deep’a & Biri. Having previously released on Derrick May’s Transmat, DJ Hell’s International DJ Gigolos, and their own Black Crow label, the duo now present their Linear Regression EP on the Dutch label. 

Surrounded by clattering 909 cymbals, subdued bass textures, and dubby chords, Linear Regression is a lesson in upbeat and peak-hour techno from start to finish.

Title track Linear Regression kicks the EP off with a fierce relentless bass, highlighted with slightly delayed 909 hats. Chords creep in the mix, taking over the mid and low sections and presenting the listener with a building tension, until bursting from a hypnotic breakdown with added percussion. 

From there, K-Means follows with a more settled, mellow mood as multilayered synth lines transport the listener to even richer techno depths. An underpinning drone and ambient texture provides a euphoric tone to the piece, allowing the main melody to become muddied yet as ominpresent as ever. 

On the flip, fellow Israeli Yotam Avni provides his remix of Decision Tree, which adds a squelchy and rumbling acid burner – an extremely disparate take on the following effort. Yet, Avni contributes some subtle darkness to the EP, a tone that hadn’t yet been explored throughout. 

Closing out the EP is the original mix of Decision Tree, where dreamy resonances and swirling synth lines dance in and out of the pitter-patter of sharp percussion. From there, high dub chords pierce through the low-heavy closer, keeping in line with the hypnotic and dancefloor oriented tone that has been set from the get-go. 

Linear Regression is set for release on the 22nd September via Balans Records. Listen to a cut from the EP, K-Means, below via the Soundcloud player.