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DJ Stingray 313’s Micron Audio unveils 6SISS debut ‘BOTS’ EP

In a world increasingly under the sway of algorithms and with the advent of AI, potentially signaling an epochal moment as important as the Industrial Revolution, Micron Audio releases the next in its series of forward-thinking electronic music: BOTS by Belgium’s 6SISS.

Much as early electro was driven by the twin influence of the rhythm of the factories of Detroit and a bold imagining of life beyond (or below) our world, BOTS takes its cues from the ideas and concepts surrounding our potential near-future such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

At times the music swirls with sounds that bring to mind nascent intelligence slowly working out its purpose, albeit an intelligence alien to that found in animals. In other moments the rhythm shudders and shakes like the microsecond “thoughts” of an AI slowed down infinitesimally, overlaid with speech manipulated into sounds completely unrecognizable yet strangely familiar, like listening in to a conversation between two programs.

Released on 12” record and, more fittingly, digital, BOTS returns electro to its roots in envisioning the future whilst freeing itself from the paradigm of the genre’s past to create a soundtrack of the AI world; a view beyond the algorithm.

RELEASED: June 26th, 2023.