Techno Music Melbourne

Marking its ten year anniversary Dynamic Reflection is set to release Continuum, a collection of five uniquely intertwined EP’s. The special series commemorates the label’s roots, evolution and establishment and honors its residents and friends. Continuum will feature twenty exclusive tracks from artists ranging from Oscar Mulero, Steffi, Deepbass, Jeroen Search and Shifted to Delta Funktionen, Abstract Division, Donatto Dozzy, Mike Parker and Blawan.

The EP’s Sonos, Magno Hyacinthum, Fluctus, Luna Frigus and Terra Novo are planned as part of Continuum. Individually, each will pay tribute to four distinct artists that have inspired and shaped the sound of Dynamic Reflection. Collectively, they become the articulation of a decade of techno.

Sonos is first up for release this October and contains music from Oscar Mulero, Steffi, Woo York and Antonio de Angelis. Late this year the entire Continuum will be made available as a highly limited edition boxset on coloured vinyl.

Additionally, the cover art for each of the releases will blend into a stunning visual panorama when combined. An accompanying tour is planned for September, dates and line-up of which are to be announced.

Sonos, the first EP in the series, is out now. Watch the video teaser for the 10 year celebration below.