Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

Long-term Soma collaborator Tony Scott drops his debut album with the label under his Edit Select alias, titled Cyclical Undulations. Having released with Soma under his Percy X moniker for years and havign countless hits under his belt, Scott reinvented himself as Edit Select. Known for his dark, expressive and expansive music, Edit Select has become one of the most well-respected and renowned artists in the genre. With his latest full length, he continues to explore the furthest reaches of the Deep Techno spectrum.

The Cyclical Undulations journey begins with Insta Grain, a mesmeric odyssey of ebbing pads and sparse percussive elements that seems to drift off into the expanse. A perfect opener before the first foray into more 4×4 territory, which is seen througb Above Ground – a pulsating affair that precedes Two Step Phase, a more stripped back effort which is reminiscent of earlier Percy X works in its 90s heyday. Horizon #1 follows a more propulsive vein, yet also drifts slightly into more hypnotic territory as recurrent tones lead the track. 

The later half of the album has a distinct minimalistic approach, yet provides maimal output with every beat. Horizon #2 is dark and ominous, characterised by tough percussive elements throughout the track, while Contact, produced in collaboration with Claudio PRC, delves into more submerged sounds with heavy sub bass and echoed drums. Finishing the full length off with Towards the E; a shuffling broken beat effort with after hours vibes and an encapsulating ethereal quality. A fitting end to another stand out full length from Tony Scott. 

Cyclical Undulations demonstrates a mature sense of production from Edit Select – an assured collection of material, eachn track providing a striking insight into a true artistic mind. The LP is set for release on March 2nd, and will be available in digital and 2×12″ forms. Listen to a cut from the album below, titled In the Beginning She Was