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Edit Select remixes Blazej Malinowski’s massive track

Blazej Malinowski finished 2016 with a feat, with his latest EP Profundity, on Kontrafaktum. As a DJ, producer and live performer, Blazej has translated the ethos of a live set into a single track. As a dark, melancholic techno exploration, his eponymous track delves into the smooth and transitional sounds of minimal. He establishes an ambient sequence and lets this ride out for the duration of the 9-minute track – but you wouldn’t even notice. “Profundity” is a track that you could get lost in; dancing to the swirling sounds of drones and groovy bassline. The Berlin artist works with making subtle changes to the pattern, making for an intriguing track. As the track progresses, the sound becomes more sinister, with haunting background samples calling on his previous work on Technosoul and TGP.

Edit Select’s remix provides a thumping and pulsating version of the original. From the first beat, Edit Select has us hooked with a heavy bassline that plays on top of a galloping synth pad, which works towards creating a mysterious body of work. With the addition of muddy reverbs and dry instrumentation, Edit Select has created a solid 4/4 club track. The track is steady and consistent, intermittently giving the bass an extra punch before reeling back to the hi-hat-driven melody. He plays around with the high and low level, providing a hovering range of sounds. In conjunction with the original, this remix makes for a strong example of a vast techno palette.

Profundity EP is out now Kontrafaktum.