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Farrago announces ‘Blessed’ album with new single ft. Amelie Lens

Belgian techno legionnaire Farrago today announces his debut 10-track debut album ‘Blesssed’, set for release on the 19th of May. The bountiful new project will be released via his own imprint Vermillion Trax, a brand-new label that is destined to subvert expectations and deviate from the norm. Accompanying Farrago’s newest venture is the potent new single ‘Addicted To Bass’ which features special vocals from Amelie Lens out on the 14th April.

The first piece of the puzzle in the unfolding ‘Blesssed’ project, “Addicted To Bass” is a forceful statement of intent from Farrago. Amelie’s vocals slice through the mix like a jagged edge, drenched in reverb and surrounded by eerie atmospherics. The ardent stomp of Farrago’s trademark kicks provides the backbone to this undeniably commanding single. The track grips and releases tension seamlessly across its entirety, leading to a rapturous crescendo of rapidly cycling low-end synths and scattered percussion.

“’Addicted To Bass’ was made on a particularly cold day last December. I wrote down the lyrics in my notes in the middle of the night after I woke up and wrote them in a dream (I know, sounds cliché. Me dreaming of making a great song is a recurring dream… I just rarely remember any of it when I wake up). The track came together quickly because the elements are fairly simple yet powerful because I wanted to leave. a lot of room for the vocals…. The vocals are what makes this track so special to me, I’m very happy Amélie was able to nail the sentiment I had in mind with them so perfectly. I am blessed to be married to such a talented wife and I’m honoured to have a collab track with her on my debut album” – Farrago

Take a listen to the single below!