Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

The artist formerly known as Lady Blacktronika is on a new mission as Femanyst, set to drop an EP of ruthless techno on Noise Manifesto, titled Post Traumatic Rave Syndrome.

Femanyst, a darker and more aggressive direction, is the newest iteration of Miss Akua Grant’s unrelenting musical imagination. With her newly debuted moniker, she has traded in the lush deep house sounds that kick-started her career as a producer for a dive into the deep end of captivating techno, acid and hardcore.

For her impressive productions, Grant has recently been selected selected by

Paula Temple for her curated program at Lyon’s Nuits Sonores this May 12th. Her forthcoming release for Noise Manifesto is tribute some of her musical first-loves, namely “90s rave weirdness.”

The four track EP is a churning, machine-driven tour de force. Femanyst’s intensely metallic and concrete sound palate reaches nearly boiling temperatures under ferocious drum machine patterns.

Bat Shit sets up a perfect nightmare flashback to the warehouse raves you were always too afraid to go to, and then mauls the listener with a sound that can only be described as

massive. Much of Femanyst’s sublime appeal derives from the effect of one’s remembering to breathe as breakneck snare triplets and razor sharp hi-hats give way to subtly embedded grooves.

With innate cool, Femanyst subverts the EP’s dominant hard-edged rigidity with the head-bobbing funk prowess of previous alias, Lady Blacktronika.

In carving out new corners of what techno is capable of, Femanyst joins Noise Manifesto’s young and promising tradition.

Post Traumatic Rave Syndrome was released June 1st, and is available in both 12″ and digital formats. Listen to a cut from the EP below, titled Hy Breed