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Melburnian Fergus Sweetland’s Bomphcast Audio has announced a powerful second release (BOMPH002) for December 3rd. Featuring the combined might of both Australian and European producers, BOMPH002 features tracks from Metapattern, NOFCE, |KAYEM|, Fresko, Edward Richards, Tillman Jex and Fergus Sweetland.

A range of emotions and moods are sonically represented: from peacefulness to mysterious; from raw energy to the most atmospheric of auras. With the release soon to be available, listeners are likely to head straight to the deep, refined sounds of label boss Fergus Sweetland’s ‘Crack a Tube’ – though they’ll find plenty of enjoyment from listening to the contributions from indeed all six of the other producers included.

The release will be available digitally from December 3rd – buy here! Have a listen to a preview of the release below, featuring words from the artists involved.