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Haven announces the next record in their white label series

After the success of their first white label series, Haven returns with another special offering for all the Keepsakes followers out there. With ‘Years Of Delirium Part 2’, Haven is pressing the stand out tracks from Keepsakes’ 2016 digital-only EPs with Dutch label Obscuur and France’s T/W/B.

The A1 kicks off the EP with ‘Peel It Off’. Featuring a gargantuan kick drum, rolling percussion, and a boisterous transforming synth line, this track originally gave a monstrous opening to 2016’s ‘Huff Trax’ EP. This is followed by ‘Why Oh Why Oh Why Oh Why’ off the same release on the A2, defined by its gabber kick, wonky drum rhythms and breakdowns pushing a uplifting synth line and demented diva vocals in a bizarro techno banger.

The B-side then focuses in on the best of Keepsakes’ 2016 release with T/W/B. The B1 begins this side with ‘Shame Stains’, a tried-and-tested distorted smasher with a wild scratchy synth line and swung drum patterns guaranteed to keep bodies moving. Finally the record closes with ‘Downtown Fuckboy Feel My Wrath’, a frenzied and energetic dance floor killer with crunchy drums and a chaotic yet catchy overdriven synth patch that should make fans of no-nonsense frenetic techno feel right at home.