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18-year old Berlin-based singer Coco-Paloma is of a dying breed. Having moved from Munich to Berlin as a one year old, she has since grown up in the German capital. Rather than having moved there to start a career when the city began to attract creatives and tourists from all around the world, she is a bonafide native.

One might say Coco-Paloma carries the spirit of the city within her. She was raised during a time when it wasn’t the coolest, hippest hubbub, but a city under construction. It therefore comes as no surprise that a kid who grew up in Europe’s capital of electronic music developed an interest in techno music and raves at a very early age.

Paloma’s love for music and especially for creating her own tracks may not have originated solely within the walls of these sanctuaries of electronic music, but the experience sure sparked the fire. Experimenting with different genres and producers, the singer began her path into the production side of music. For the past three years she’s been working with, and learning from, a vast variety of DJs and producers. The most current one being one of Europe’s most in-demand underground techno artists, Héctor Oaks.

After moving from Madrid to Berlin and dropping his first releases on the fertile soil of Berlin’s underground, the trained sound engineer soon saw his career take off internationally. His job at the infamous ‘Record Loft’ gave him the baggage to become  with the widest music spectrum. His DJ skill pulled him to the front of the international scene being resident of some of the most respected clubs and parties in the circuit: Bassiani, Herrensauna and possession.

In the last three years, the labels that Héctor manages (OAKS and KAOS) have set a path for the current trend of Neo-Rave and Hardtechno in today’s industry.

The collaboration of these two artists with completely different backgrounds but a shared love for electronic music is what makes their debut EP No Hay Mañana so intriguing. Besides their liaison being a genuine manifestation of the world’s creative melting pot that is Berlin, the songs the two created induce a feeling of being lost but connected at the same time. Coco-Paloma’s lyrics are somewhat existential and dark and speak about different realities. Héctor Oaks’ production makes you want to lose yourself in those worlds; to dive in and live like there’s no tomorrow.

The release represents the beauty of cultural and creative melting pots, the beauty of different backgrounds, life stories and experiences: The singularity of individual human beings begins to cancel out. 

The release will be available from November 5th on both 12″ and digital formats. See below for the promotional video for the release!