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Launching the first of many solo vinyl releases, Inter Gritty and Controlled Violence are proud to present: Laponia Space Project. Drawing inspiration from various trips through Finland’s Lapland region, as well as proximity to Sweden’s Space Centre, Laponia Space Project perfectly represents the expansive, awe-inspiring nature of its surrounds. Inter Gritty has presented himself in a different light to the majority of his catalogue, drawing on nimble, organic sounds in combination with a lively rhythm section to embody Laponia Space Project’s mood.

With a classic 4-track E.P. format, each work evokes a real sense of wonderment, as tracks like Sleepy Tree and Cassiope integrate twinkling, hollow, and delicate elements. Basslines bound up mountain ranges, synth pulses reverberate through the treetops, and groovy percussion captures the excitement and energy of the local scenery.

TR303 is a clear homage to the machine and the movement that have shaped modern-day electronic music. And while it will certainly make its way into the crates and folders of DJs everywhere, it still manages to incorporate a sensation akin to being sent out into the most unfamiliar of territories. To close the E.P., Expo Line’s percussion shakes amongst airy pads and echoed pangs, as though one is shuffling onwards through the forest.

Words by Controlled Violence.