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Jan Grebenstein debuts on Avian as Geza, with ‘Dialoge’.

Recorded as a reaction to the artist’s love-hate relationship with Techno, Dialoge explores muted, largely downtempo electronics in an effort to sculpt a more personal relationship with the genre.

Working under the premise that limitations in the production process can infuse the work with a certain honesty and yield more potent results – the EP features material produced under set conditions: Recording run time is limited to five minutes and each song consists of a maximum of four tracks, using a synthesizer with an 8 step sequencer.

Stepping opener DIA001 is perhaps the most direct work on the record – dry and saturated, but with a decidedly unique gait that offers uncanny momentum. DIA002 opens the palette up, with more atmospheric components set wide in the mix and a curious melodic line running throughout, before DIA003 closes out the A side – continuing the exploration into rolling, timbral composition. On the flip DIA004 finds space with tight delays and a sequential lead run hot to up the ante. DIA005 offers perhaps a more acute reference to the artist’s previous work in the post-Punk arena – eschewing any explicit dancefloor references but maintaining the same sonic approach, with a particular focus on space and density. DIA006 closes out the EP, a more recognisable, shuffling slice of sound-design-driven Techno.

The release is out from July 16th 2021 – take a listen to a preview of it below!