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Machine Label’s resident New Zealander has crossed the Tasman Sea to bring his soaring techno sound to Melbourne and the world. Combining modular sounds and clever production technique into potent dance floor material; his sound captures the imagination and the heart.

Breaking through with his Stamina EP in 2016, Juan Tellez has continued to refine a sound imposing with a drive and majesty guaranteed to attract the attention of DJ’s and dance floors in Australia and beyond.

The Temple – Powerful pulsating bass laden kicks and squelching scything synth callouts direct from the Australian bush. Synthetic tech somehow alive and bristling with all the organic warmth of a sunset.

The Temple (Dub version) – A mesmerising reduced through-line that tugs at you like an undertow. Strong without being forceful, compelling without being in your face, quick jabs and stuttering stabs leaving no marks or scars, just sore legs and throbbing feet.

Dawn – is a soaring opus, full of feeling. Open and minimal, deep and complex, infused with contradiction, sending the spirit on a journey at the same time as tugging at the emotional body. A track of wonder and beauty bound to resonate with DJ’s who yearn for potent journey material.