Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

Kalter Ende has forged a solid trajectory in which he shows his character as a DJ and Producer through his dark, industrial and futuristic techno. As a producer, he is in constant evolution and development, and has subsequently demonstrated these talents cohesively in his latest release, Behavior

Transcending from driving dancefloor anthems, to emotional, cinematic, and dubby soundscapes, to industrial belters, Kalter Ende has constructed an EP that doubles as a mainstay in any DJ’s bag, as well as a comprehensive home listen. 

Starting with Downstairs, an unparalleled bassline and skittering drums make this a track that is almost impossible not to include in a set. With modular bleeps increasingly making their presence known as the track progresses, Ende ensures he kicks off his new EP with a bang.

From there, the release travels into ambient territory on Before White. An increasingly dubby yet theatrical effort, Ende further showcases his production expertise and overall development from previous releases – a fantastic inclusion into the EP.

A final, and key, highlight from the release is Artic Circle. An industrial, evolving arpeggiated lead drives this track forward, with gritty and snarling percussion filling in the gaps behind it. Whether it be the beginning of the night or the end, this track will fill all dancefloors across the globe. 

Behavior is set for release on June 30 via Subsist Records. Listen to previews from the release below.