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“Music, uniquely among the arts, is both completely abstract and profoundly emotional. It has no power to represent anything particular or external , but it has a unique power to express inner states or feelings. Music can pierce the heart directly; it needs no mediation.”

Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain, O. Sacks, 2007

In line with its concept of presenting a new generation of artists with distinctive sound identities, the second release on ara will come from Adiel. Following her latest ‘Cavallina’ EP made in collaboration with Donato Dozzy, she returns with ‘Musicofilia’, her first record outside her own label.

Due on July 26, 2019 on Kangding Ray’s new label, this EP will enthrall listeners with its intricate rhythms and captivating underlying melodies. Adiel managed to deliver tracks which will suit a variety of spatio-temporal dynamics, while still crafted for the club. The repetitive motives are the EP’s core, pushing further Adiel’s research of hypnotic patterns and raw textures.

‘Musicofilia’ conveys Adiel’s exploration of dissonances colliding with abrasive beats and soothing melodies. Adiel’s research behind this release is rooted in Oliver Sacks’ book Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain (2007) where the neurologist author depicts the cognitive effects of sounds, addressing the impact of repetition in music, and its power to move and heal us.

‘The Call’ starkly highlights the wistful tone of the record, when ‘Vanishing’ offers a dense soundscape underlined by an irregular rhythmic structure, leading to the title track, unfolding as an overdriven club jam. ‘Rednight’, with its throbbing pulse, gracefully concludes this EP by channeling its melancholic, yet sharp spirit.