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Keepsakes, the alias of British-New Zealand producer and DJ James Barrett, has been a strong and distinctive voice in techno since rising to fame through his ‘Stygian Concrete Works’ and ‘Weapons Grade Manic’ EPs back in 2014. Since then he has showcased his powerful and menacing – yet often cheeky and playful – productions on a series of influential labels across the world.

Following on from the release of four EPs on his own ‘Haven’ imprint since 2018, as well as appearances on Perc Trax, Mord, and TXTRL, Keepsakes is returning to Ansome and Ossian’s ‘South London Analogue Material’.

His first first full EP comprised of pandemic lockdown material, ‘Nepotism Vision’ encapsulates the shift in the Keepsakes sound, while referencing it’s crunchy and aggressive origins. Containing elements of nasty digital distortion, groovy granular rhythms, disembodied vocal samples and wailing hardware synths, this latest body of work from the British-New Zealand producer and DJ is another one to add to any techno collection.

The EP is availble now on both digital and 12″ formats.