Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

Following the celebratory Klockworks 20 compilation, curated by Ben Klock himself to showcase tracks from familiar faces of the label, as well as newcomers and up-and-coming artists, comes a new solo 12″ from Troy.

An artist that was already featured on the previous compilation, the Amsterdam-based producer returns to the label to deliver a killer four track EP. Exploring complex and sophisticated textures, Troy creates a powerful record ready for the dancefloor. 

Sifting through the four tracks gives listeners a journey through insect-like, crawling, and anxious tracks, which surrounds the audience with a paranoia which is rarely met by other producers. While creating an audible experience, Troy simultaneously presents a release which is fit for every high-octane moment throughout the night. Whether it be ramping things up or pushing into the earliest hours, Klockworks 21 is already a highlight of a young 2018. 

The release also marks the first edition of a new series of artwork designed by Ben Klock, with a full printed sleeve featuring the new Klockworks design. 

Klockworks 21 is out now and is available in digital and 12″ formats. Listen to snippets from the EP below via the Klockworks Soundcloud player.