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Swedish artist Lakej’s ‘Condition Of Experience’ LP comes with 11 tracks in total; 4 of which are exclusively for vinyl release.

Within the 11-tracks there are indeed a multitude of meticulously-prepared, thought-inducing productions but there are some key ones that stand out.

‘Wave – Like Systems’ kicks things off with a deep, ruminating kick that builds in a really intriguing manner, collecting sound elements in a sort of sonic journey across its runtime. ‘Neutron Flux’ was the next one to really stand out, it’s strong, emphatic sound embodying a charging, driving atmosphere. Finally ‘Nematic’ and it’s breaky, wet vibe is a track that just begs to be heard on a loud, high-quality sound system where the composition can be truly appreciated.

All-in-all, Lakej’s album is really shaping up to be another strong contribution from Sweden’s highly esteemed techno community.

The album will be available on Bandcamp from June 12th, 2021 – be sure to check it out here.