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The essential and ever-evolving !K7 collective is adding a new label to its family in the form of Zehnin. The fantastic first release is an absorbing two tracker by one of the pre-eminent sonic adventurers of his time, Lucy.

Ranging from experimental music to ambient and techno, Zehnin promises to encourage artists to step outside their comfort zone; to challenge themselves and follow new creative paths that lead into the musical unknown. It will invite producers to assume new monikers and new musical personalities and give them creative freedom to try things that run perpendicular to their usual output. Though driven by 12” singles, artists will also be enlisted to remix each other and again explore atypical sonic ground.

Taking charge of the first release is Lucy, who has evolved his distinct sound signature by reconciling the deeply personal with the esoteric, and by harmonizing the spheres of technology and biology. Whether he is acting in the role of producer, DJ, performer, or Stroboscopic Artefacts’ curator, Lucy’s clear passion for creative evolution and mutation is something that continues to attract new listeners, and keeps giving his current supporters new reasons to continue tuning in.

EP opener ‘The Hermit’ is eight minutes of spacious and cerebral techno. Rolling drums are buried deep as little flecks of sound design peel off the groove. Occasional bell hits bring a sombre and languid feel despite the drive of the drums, and it is the sort of perfectly absorbing track that will suck you down a 5amrabbit hole. On the flip, ‘The High Priestess’ is a similarly mental work out that is empty and eerie, with distant drones and yawning pads outlining a vast underground space. The drums here are again rubbery and rolling, but a little more prominent, and the whole thing manages to be both soothing and unsettling.

After this fine EP starts the label in style, a remix EP from Blawan will follow, as will a concept LP from an established artist under a new guise.